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The G-Code is a brilliantly comprised book that compels mankind to look inside themselves and live by the innate code of ethics that we all possess, which were given to us at birth. The G-Code promotes balance between the secular, metaphysical and spirit realm. In order to effectively navigate any situation we must be equipped to do so. The starting point of all achievement is personal responsibility. 

We must all have a code of ethics for which to govern our behavior on a daily basis. Some people are unable to consistently be quintessentially themselves in all situations. They suffer through various vicissitudes because they have not established a concrete way of life that can and will render results for them no matter where they are on earth. The G-Code is an amalgam of the most powerful life enhancement principles from the three most powerful governing bodies of human behavior: The Spirit Realm, The Worldly or Secular Realm and the Religious realm. The author, Cochise Tarak-Saa formulated and tested many of these principles through his travels to more than 50 countries and 6 continents.

As we understand that we create our own realities,

Details: (Electronic Book, 145 pages)