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High blood pressure accounts for almost 13% of the world's total death toll. This number is fairly exorbitant considering the litany of life threatening situations to which one could succumb on a daily basis. It's not until a person's heart health has been put in jeopardy or they have been diagnosed with a severe case of heart disease that their attention is grabbed. High blood pressure is now being contracted in the younger generation which means that this is truly a world epidemic at present. Whether it's from stress, eating habits or excessive weight gain, no one wants to have the daunting task of monitoring their everyday actions because their blood pressure is in a danger zone.

There are several well written high blood pressure books that provide great sound advice for properly following a regimen that leads to the road of health restoration. However, this book cuts to the core and shares a viable high blood pressure solution that can be understood and implemented by all ages. One of the most problematic issues to high blood pressure is that your heart is the organ that is consistently under fire. This is why it's never a good idea to micro-manage or live with hypertension. You're basically draining your (battery) each and every day that you attempt to live with high blood pressure.

This book is not about inventing a high blood pressure cure. But you will learn a course of actions that when properly executed have been known to be able to rejuvenate heart health. If your heart is functioning properly then by default your blood pressure will normalize. We'll share with you:

  • The best herbs to consume for heart health
  • What foods you must eliminate
  • Which method of food preparation damages the lining of the arteries
  • What makes it difficult for your blood to travel
  • What nutrient plays a major role in high blood pressure and 150 other illnesses
  • Specific bonus juicing recipes that assist in normalizing blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Made Simple is a very easy read with ample amounts of information that can be applied instantly! Get your copy today!