About us

ThisIsCochise.com was started by former professional athlete and wellness advocate, Cochise Tarak-Saa.  Cochise’s view on health and wellness is very interesting as he has traveled to over 45 countries studying cultural anthropology and foreign health practicesfrom South America to the Middle East.  His various voyages have led him to examine optimal health from it’s most fundamental lense.  The findings were simple.  Your state of health is not a direct reflection of the amount of income you earn.  How long you live has more to do with what you don’t consume (mentally & physically) than what you do.  A life low in stress coupled with a diet rich in fresh produce, water, fiber and other essential nutrients are a great infrastructure for optimal health.

Cochise also focuses on one of the seemingly most unaddressed important appendages to great health, personal development.  He classifies personal development as a form of mental, social and economic wellness.  If you are deficient in any of these three areas it can be very detrimental to your state of health. The goal is to inspire you to make wholistic changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

This store was created as an answer to many of the comments, questions or concerns that have been presented to Cochise from various individuals.  It's much more power to share information in a book or audio file than just a personal one-on-one consult.  Most importantly it's much more cost efficient for people who are in need of help.  Info-tainment (information and entertainment) products are always a great way to impact people as they have the opportunity to re-listen, re-read or re-watch something that they did not comprehend.  Most importantly, the product is theirs for life.

This is our best effort to spread our message of complete health and wellness by means of consistent behaviors synonomous with vitality and simple lifestyle modifications.