The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Health Benefits of Aloe VeraThe health benefits of aloe vera, one of nature’s many gems.  One day while playing professional basketball down in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic I was hit in the mouth on a quick move to the basket.  I could feel that something was wrong but I couldn’t see exactly where I had been cut.  Team officials immediately rushed me to the hospital, which I must say left much to be desired!  Luckily there was a doctor on staff who was a friend to the team president and he took me in the back right away and gave me five stitches in the top portion of my lip.  He prescribed some topical creams for me to use but the local players on my team recommended I use what was known as savila.  The translation to English meant aloe vera.  I had heard of the health benefits of aloe vera before but had never seen the physical plant or used it before.

The beautiful thing about being on the Island was that the aloe vera plant could be found virtually in every neighbor’s backyard.  Once they brought it to me to put on I was a bit hesitant because it was very slimy and had a strange composition.  My teammates assured me that one of the primary health benefits of aloe vera was it's ability to close wounds and serve as a antiseptic them out.  I only needed to rub the slimy substance from the plant into the wound to begin healing.  Needless to say after about 5 days the cut from my stitches had healed with no complications.  I could not believe that a plant from the backyard had this kind of healing properties and no one had informed me of this in the United States.

Upon doing more research on the health benefits of aloe vera I found that it has more than 70 nutrients inside of it.  I had also witnessed the Dominicans mixing the aloe vera gel with other local concoctions and drinking it to relieve themselves of upset stomachs and digestive system ailments.  Not only was I impressed by the health benefits of aloe vera but I was upset that this was not being used to it's full potential in the United States.  The taste was not very good but the results that were achieved from taking the aloe plant are simply a work of GOD.  After returning back home to the United States I realized that all of the beauty products that we were using contained aloe vera or some form of plant which helps in the aging process.  It is said that the aloe removes dead cells from the skin and lightens dark spots.

The health benefits of aloe vera are definitely live miracles from nature that that have yet to be fully tapped.  It would be a great idea for homeowners to buy the plant and nurture it to full growth.  For all of life’s daily obstacles the health benefits of  aloe vera would come in handy.

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